::The Crying Earth::

What have we done to the world. Look what we've done... What about all the peace. That you pledge your only son... What about all the dreams. That you said was yours and mine... Did you ever stop to notice? The crying Earth the weeping shores...

How Environmental Disaster occur?

Many environmental disaster happen because of human errors such as flood, haze and land slide. This is because human would destructive the jungle and cut plant without deliberate environment situation also one of the coursed environmental disaster. Human activity such as throw away domestic waste and industrial waste like toxic also one of the factor which effort water pollution and flood.

Actually one of factor that flood and land slide is because our attitude when develop the residential area. This happen because many developments are builds at the hill especially for human residential. When it’s happen their structure land movement was disturbed, sowhen that area gains more rain, land movements become unusual. When this happen, land slide occur and sometime give flood suddenly because land will cover the irrigation. Like as tragedy in Highland Tower and Bukit Antarabangsa, this because urban process.

Example for haze is when air contaminated with other dangerous gases from transportation, industrial sector, and nuclear bomb. For example people who work with hazardous materials get training. They learn how to keep dangerous materials safely inside factories. But sometimes workers make mistakes. Dangerous materials get loose in the environment. Then these materials cause disasters.For example tragedy in Jilin, China (2005), workers at a chemical factory in the city of Jilin in China made one mistake. They were supposed to shut off a value. But they left it running.

As result, part of the chemical factory exploded. Five people were killed and sixty others were badly hurt in the Jilin factory explosion. Poisonous yellow smoke poured out from factory. More then ten thousand people living nearby had to flee their homes. About 100 tons of poison also leaked into the Songhua River. Water in the city had to be shut off for a four days. People had to drink bottled water. They could not take showers. People were very frightened. Nobody knows how many became ill because of the poison.


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