::The Crying Earth::

What have we done to the world. Look what we've done... What about all the peace. That you pledge your only son... What about all the dreams. That you said was yours and mine... Did you ever stop to notice? The crying Earth the weeping shores...

5.2.4 What are the impacts of climate change?

Climate change is already having many discernible impacts:

Melting Polar ice caps: The area of Arctic ice at the North Pole has shrunk by 10% in recent decades, and the thickness of the ice above the water has decreased by about 40%. On the other side of the world, parts of the ice sheet above the Antarctic continent have become unstable.

* Retreating glaciers:
It is likely that 75% of the glaciers in the Swiss Alps will disappear by 2050.

Rising sea levels: Over the last century sea levels have risen by between 12 and 22 cm and are projected to rise even more rapidly in the future.

Extreme weather: In the last decade, there were three times more weather-related natural catastrophes in the world than in the 1960s, including heat waves, floods, droughts and forest fires. All these types of events have a big human and economic cost.

Nature under threat: Many animals and plants will not be able to cope with higher temperatures and changes to their natural habitats.


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